And Then Everything Changed

Breaking Free featuring Meredith Cherry

March 31, 2020

Within months of getting married to him, Meredith Cherry’s husband’s controlling behavior escalated and she soon became the victim of sexual, physical, emotional, and financial abuse.


Their home was remote with few neighbors or resources nearby and because her husband was the sole possessor of the keys to their one vehicle, Meredith had no way of leaving. The years passed and Meredith lived on guard and in fear, her lifelong dream of owning a horse and being free receding until the day she was able to enact her escape plan, drive to safety, and start over.


Now the proud owner of Apollo, a Peruvian Paso-Mustang Palomino, Meredith travels across the United States on horseback  raising awareness about domestic violence, and she is finally living life the life she wanted.


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National Domestic Violence Hotline


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